Floss with Style. Flex Your Smile.

Three boxes of different Reach Pop Floss
A container of Reach POP Peppermint Floss sits atop a bucket of fluffy popcorn.

Your smile’s coolest accessory

REACH®, an innovative and internationally trusted brand in dental hygiene, has been helping to prevent cavities and fight gum disease for nearly 50 years. REACH POP builds on this tried-and-true tradition and is the first floss in the REACH family to bring color to oral care so you can add some style to your smile.

A model smiling and winking at the viewer, showing her teeth perfectly white and clean and shiny, overlayed by an image of a box of Reach POP Peppermint Whitening Floss lying around a bunch of candies, and a stamp "Dentist Recommended Brand" stamp.

REACH® for the Bright Stuff!

REACH® POP Whitening Dental Floss is infused with baking soda to help whiten and prevent surface stains.

The tri-colored floss is nearly 2x more effective at plaque removal.* Remember, floss goes where brushes can’t!

*1.97 times more plaque removal. Comparative study on plaque removal with Teflon floss, IADR 2023.

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