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Modern Skin Science Meets Nature-Inspired Formulas

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A Korean Beauty Brand Inspired by Nature

Nature holds all the answers we need and through imagination and a sense of ingenuity, we have created skin care innovations that are designed to elevate the lives of our customers. For over two decades, The Face Shop’s vision has remained rooted in harnessing nature whenever possible, and creating products made with beneficial ingredients that’ll give you your best-looking skin ever.

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The Best of All Worlds

Founded in 2003, the Face Shop combines its unwavering commitment to nature’s inherent beauty with the wisdom of Korean skin science.

Today we are recognized as Korea's pioneering beauty brand with a global presence of 3,000 stores in 35 countries including the U.S.A., Canada and Australia.

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The Therapy— Vegan Skin 
Care that Actually Works

At the heart of the brand is its signature mixed-format blends from bi-layered creams to liquid-oil toners, all herbal-inspired products that are consciously crafted from the best ingredients to bring back the vitality of the skin.

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