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Discover a collection of innovative beauty and personal care brands from the cosmetics innovators at LG H&H

An assortment of LG Beauty products including skincare and hair care options.

Our Mission

To make a difference in the lives of our customers with meaningful and mindful brands and products from world-class formulations to cruelty-free, clean beauty collections that deliver exactly what they promise.

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The Power of LG beauty

Backed by the legendary history and success of LG Electronics, LG beauty has become a vital part of people's daily lives and is continuously dedicated to enhancing their health and beauty.

Research. Innovation. Creativity.

LG beauty continually renews itself as a creative customer-centric beauty company producing a variety of innovative, best-selling products clinically tested and science driven for everyday use that deliver results you can see and feel.

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LG beauty harnesses cutting-edge technologies as well as time-honored techniques to create award-winning, researched-backed beauty products that make a difference.

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