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Playful. Original. Personal.

A blue tube of POP Hint of Mint Toothpaste and a white bottle with a pink pump dispenser cap of POP Kids Gel Pumpin' Strawberry Toothpaste lying on a light blue surface
A white-and-blue toothbrush with a POP Kids Gel Pumpin' Strawberry Toothpaste pouring on it from above on the pink background.

Bold Pops of Color. Fun, Fresh Flavors.

There’s nothing routine about this oral care routine! Expect the unexpected with uniquely flavored toothpaste options for all ages, including a kid’s gel toothpaste. Contains ingredients commonly used by dentists, and helps protect against cavities, repair and protect acid-weakened enamel and promote gum health.

A white-and-blue toothbrush lying on a pink surface with a smiley face drawn with POP Kids Gel Pumpin' Strawberry Toothpaste above it


A poppin’ fun flavor, plus easy-to-use bottle pump for less mess and a healthy (and happy) brushing routine.

A hand with blue-painted nails holding a blue tube of POP Feeling Peachy Toothpaste with a pink cap on a peach surface

Express your YOU-nique smile style

Flavors with a twist that turn up the fun factor while freshening breath.

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