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The man behind many of Hollywood's leading-lady hairstyles, red-carpet coifs and elite beauty magazine features shares his expertise on hair and scalp care with the Dr. Groot Scalp Revitalizing Collection.

Mark Townsend, a celebrity stylist, styling woman's hair with the Dr. Groot hair products.

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Great-looking hair starts at the scalp

After getting his start in salons, assisting assorted high-profile hairstylists and finally making his "Hollywood debut," Mark has come to believe that scalp care is the key to great-looking hair and that promoting a healthy scalp is where Dr. Groot can help.

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Mark’s secret to revive & transform hair

Mark is a big fan of Dr. Groot's Miracle in Shower Treatment especially when used with the Hair Thickening Shampoo. Check out his videos to find out why and learn more of his secrets for bringing out the luxury in everyone's locks!

“I’m thrilled I had the opportunity to get to know and use the collection of hair products from Dr. Groot! I love that they are introducing hair care and scalp care the same way we think about skin care, with products customized for your specific hair and scalp needs.”

— Mark Townsend

Gorgeous Hair from Roots to Ends

Think of hair care as an extension of your skin care routine. It’s essential to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize your scalp, just like the skin on your face and body. Each formula is infused with natural ingredients, formulated without irritating parabens, silicones or sulfates, and provides personalized solutions to get to the root of your hair and scalp issue.

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