Whitening Mint Flex Dental Floss


Baking Soda Infused

Made in Korea


Plaque Removal

Vegan Wax


Baking-soda infused, mint-flavored, shred-resistant whitening floss coated with vegan wax for effective plaque removal.

55yd / 50.3m

Free shipping over $60

Reach for the Bright Stuff

tri-colored floss coated with vegan wax


more effective at plaque removal than Teflon floss*

*Comparative study on plaque removal with Teflon floss, IADR 2023.


interlaced micro-threads slide smoothly between teeth

A green-white-yellow string of the Reach POP Whitening Mint Flex Dental Floss on a light grey surface zoomed in to show the micro-threads, and black text over it "infused with baking soda" and "helps whiten and prevent surface stains between teeth by removing plaque"
Packaging with Point

Wherever possible REACH® POP uses cartons that are made with FSC paper or made with 100% RPET post-consumer recycled plastic. It's the details that matter.

Four seals left to right: "Dentist recommended brand", "PFAS free", "Vegan Wax", "Cruelty Free"

Floss with style. Flex your smile.

REACH®, an innovative and internationally trusted brand in dental hygiene, has been helping to prevent cavities and fight gum disease for nearly 50 years.

Dentist Recommended Brand based on ProVoice Survey, IQVIA

Three hands holding a box of Reach POP Floss each on purple background

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