Great Hair Starts at the Scalp

Think of hair care as an extension of your skin care routine. It’s essential to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize your scalp, just like the skin on your face and body. Whether your hair is dry, damaged or oily, the Dr. Groot Scalp Revitalizing collection offers uniquely customized solutions, with naturally derived ingredients, that get to the root of your problem without irritating parabens, silicones or sulfates. So go on, give your scalp some extra attention. Your hair will thank you.
Dr. Groot Scalp Revitalizing Solution Collection

Turn limp-looking locks into a full-on mane event.

No one wants flat, lifeless or blah-looking hair. For anyone with hair that’s thin, damaged or dry, Hair Thickening Shampoo can help hair look thicker and fuller. And who doesn’t want that? The special sauce? A formulation with biotin and capsulated prebiotics. And there’s no need to hold back. It’s gentle enough to use every day. For optimal results, pair it with Miracle in Shower Treatment. Now your scalp will be super-hydrated, and you‘ll see stronger, smoother, va-va-volumized hair from roots to tips. It’s a real confidence booster!

Give your dry scalp the TLC it craves and deserves.

A dry scalp can lead to all kinds of other issues that leave your scalp feeling uncomfortable. Best to take care of things before it comes to this. If your scalp feels really dry, an advanced scalp shampoo formulated with biotin and cica extract, Scalp Soothing Shampoo, helps moisturize, remove buildup and comfort the scalp after one wash. It’s that easy. Now, every day anyone can soothe and refresh scalp worries away and stop dryness in its tracks.
Great Hair Starts at the Scalp with Dr. Groot by LG Beauty

Say, “Yay for Clay!”

Why should the skin on your face and body have all the fun? This clay mask is custom-made for oily hair and an oily scalp. Purifying Clay Shampoo has three kinds of fine clay (white, herbal, glacial), plus biotin and salicylic acid, a special formula designed to instantly purify roots and hydrate dry ends. Your hair will feel refreshed—and smell great—every day.

Got five seconds?

If your dry scalp looks red, or your hair looks a bit frazzled, you can count on a miracle. Miracle in Shower Treatment, with arginine, panthenol, niacinamide and salicylic acid, can help hair look and feel smoother in five seconds flat! Just massage it in and rinse it out, two to three times a week, after you wash your hair. Try powering it up with Hair Thickening Shampoo and see an improvement in scalp redness.*

Scalp thirsty for hydration?

Like you, sometimes your scalp just needs a drink. Keep it refreshed with Scalp Relief Tonic. This antioxidant-rich, scalp-revitalizing formula, with chamomile and niacinamide, helps hydrate a dry scalp for visibly smoother hair—and it invigorates with menthol. Use it once to several times a day. (Spray, massage and leave it in. No need to rinse.)

So, if you want to take your locks from lackluster to luxurious, and get that confidence that comes with gorgeous-looking hair, start taking care of your scalp! Dr. Groot’s uniquely customized collection is designed to get to the root of your concerns and help your hair look healthier than ever.