Moisturizing Bomb Toner





Made in Korea

Milky Texture


A fast-absorbing, milky-textured toner clinically tested to increase skin’s moisture levels by 22.5% in arid, dry conditions.

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6.7 fl. oz./200 ml

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Tone. Hydrate. All-in-one.

Increases skin’s moisture levels in arid, dry conditions by 22.5%*

*Based on a clinical study

A tube of belif moisturizing bomb toner rests on a small pool of skincare product.
A bottle of belif moisturizing bomb toner on a spread of herbs and moisturizing ingredients

Key Ingredients

Comfrey Leaf

Ultra-moisturizing herb historically used to heal dryness and soothe skin .

Hydro-Cream Complex

Contains nature-derived oil, shea butter and ceramide .

Napiers Moisture Formula

Balances skin’s oil & water levels by reducing oils & providing moisture .

Believe in Our Truth for Your Skin

belif combines time-trusted apothecary herbal traditions with modern skin science. It reflects a sense of trust and a promise to deliver the highest quality ingredients, formulas and benefits to customers—always incorporating honesty, simplicity and transparency. 

A collection of belif skincare products is scattered across a light blue background with some containers open and others closed

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