Hint of Mint Toothpaste


Cavity Prevention


Gum Health

Made in Korea

Protect Enamel


Contains ingredients commonly used by dentists to help prevent cavities and promote gum health.

4.2 oz. / 120 g

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A refreshing flavor that's mint to be!

Also includes ingredients like fluoride to help prevent cavities, and vitamins B3 and E, which are known to reduce the growth of a cavity-causing bacteria and promote gum health.

A white spread of POP Mint Toothpaste on a green surface with a mint leaf on it.
A male model is smiling, looking at the viewer - his teeth looking clean, shiny and healthy after using the Reach POP Floss

Benefits to smile about!

Helps repair and protect acid-weakened enamel and contains an ingredient known to help remineralize enamel.

Playful. Original. Personal.

POP Toothpaste turns up the fun factor on your oral care routine.

A white-and-blue toothbrush spreading POP Kids Gel Whatzzup Watermelon Toothpaste over the light blue surface

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