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Peony Extract



High-performance clear-treatment formula helps soothe the skin in 7 seconds, visibly moisturizes in 7 hours and helps improve texture and dryness in 7 days!* Contains 2x the amount of OHUI’s revolutionary Chiffon Ceramide Complex™. *Based on clinical test conducted on 31 people

0.23 fl. oz./7ml each x 7

Clinical Results

In 7 seconds

formula helps soothe the skin*

In 7 hours

skin's moisture barrier is improved by 15.6%.*

In 7 days

skin texture and dryness are improved*

*Based on clinical test conducted on 31 people.

Key Ingredients

Chiffon Ceramide Complex™

A patented blend with ceramides 1, 3, and 6 that help the skin retain moisture.

Pink Barrier Peptide

Helps provide moisturizing and soothing effects for superior barrier care.

Peony Extract

Known to be rich in antioxidants with the benefits of moisturizing and softening the skin.

K-Beauty Anti-Aging Solutions

OHUI's breakthrough formulas utilize advanced technologies to transform your skin—no matter your age or skin concerns.

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