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Pore Care

A rich cream with Triple Acids (AHA, BHA, PHA) and tea tree extract visibly minimizes pores, replenishes moisture and soothes skin.

1.7 oz.



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Minimizes pores, soothes and moisturizes

Fast-absorbing cream delivers triple benefits

A model smiling with her eyes closed touching her face and neck with her hands

Key Ingredient: Tea Tree

A skin-soothing ingredient extracted using low temperatures for maximum potency that helps control excessive sebum.

A light green jar of The Face Shop Tea Tree Pore Cream over a light green liquid surface with green Tea Tree twigs scattered around

Gently exfoliate 
and soothe skin 
with Triple Acids

AHA, BHA and PHA break down the build 
up of dead skin on the surface. 

Tea Tree—Skin Care that Starts at the Pore

A modern Korean skin care brand that is deeply passionate about targeting pore problems and harnessing the soothing, revitalizing power of Tea Tree and its myriad of benefits for the skin.

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